Feburary Wishlist

Dollarphotoclub_64630903csAnd we meet again!
So, today I was browsing through my makeup stash a.k.a my armory  when I had an epiphany. I thought to myself, i have always been stuck to the chosen makeup products since I started using my first ever lip gloss. Yikesss….

I always had my eye out on the market looking at new stuff, watching reviews on them, even applied them on my friends’ faces yet  never had the guts to actually buy and try them out myself. Continue reading


Lazy Girl Hair Hack- That Every Girl Must Know


Ever thought about looking fabulous but making an effort seems to be… meh!
We’ve all been there, done that! But being lazy shouldn’t stop you from looking drop dead gorgeous. Don’t worry,Got you covered!

Here are a few must-knows for all those lazy moments when you can simply outshine everyone in the room! Continue reading