Lazy Girl Hair Hack- That Every Girl Must Know


Ever thought about looking fabulous but making an effort seems to be… meh!
We’ve all been there, done that! But being lazy shouldn’t stop you from looking drop dead gorgeous. Don’t worry,Got you covered!

Here are a few must-knows for all those lazy moments when you can simply outshine everyone in the room!

1. 30 seconds, twist and knot updo.

Miracles happen in 30 seconds, ladies!


2. Bobby pins havoc? Hairspray is your new BFF.

Spray them the night before and voila!

3. Quick curls? Tie your hair up in a pony tail and divide and conquer.

Say whaaaat!


4. Out of dry shampoo? Cornstarch to the rescue.

To the kitchen, folks!



5. Frizzy hair day but no serum? Put your moisturising lotion to multitasking.

Bye bye frizz, hello sleek hair!


6. Pony tail crisis? Bobby pins will save the day.

Never been any easier.



7. Cant wash hair but wanna impress bae 😉 A subtle low messy pony tail is your saviour.

Who said pony tail can’t be sexy?



8. Want those healthy, lucious celebrity hair but don’t wanna go to salon? Here’s the best hair mask in town!

Twenty minutes of this hair mask is your hairway to heavenly hair.



Now that you know all the tricks in the book, YOU GO GIRL!!

Good Luck xx



Pictures taken from Google Images. Credits go to the respective owners.

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