Coconut Lane +Discount Code


Like they say, Luck knocks at your door every once in a while, you just have to be alert enough to grab the opportunity. So a while ago, I saw a tweet by a very promising and chic line called, Coconut Lane. They were taking in affiliates to become their “Coconut Queens”, Isn’t that CLASSY?
So, being a jewellery lover, I jumped at the opportunity and submitted my application Continue reading


10 Tips For Glowing Skin

tips for glowing skin

 I have always been the person in family whom everyone is asking, ‘Hey! how come your skin never breaks out?”, “Hey! Why is your under eye plump in spite of the all nighters?” Whoa people!!! I might have a lil better skin but I am not a unicorn. I do have my bad skin day….Horrible skin days.

Though most of the time my skin behaves itself, Continue reading

March Wishlist

PicMonkey Sample

Spring is just around the corner and it just really compels everyone to make certain changes. Whether it’s your skin care routine or your wardrobe, everything has to undergo a teeny tiny change. While for me, when it comes to going through my make up stash, Continue reading

Makeup Revolution “Essential Mattes” Worth The Hype?


The makeup industry these days is literally flooded with new makeup lines and millions of dupes to high end products. But unfortunately, a few make it to the mark. So, today, I wanted to review the very talked makeup line of the makeup history “Makeup Revolution London”. Their eye shadow line, Iconic 1, 2 and 3 being famous for dupes to UD Naked palettes, has taken over the internet. Then comes in another of their palette called “Essential Mattes” Continue reading

Forever 21, Etsy Haul

A couple of weeks back, I was sitting in front of my laptop, browsing..browsing..browsing. I was kinda bored. Student life is redundant and boring, people! I told my mum about how bored I was and wanted to do something but couldn’t really figure it out. And she being the best person in the universe said: “Order yourself some jewellery online, kid” I was like “YES! that’s exactly what I need!”

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Liebster Award. I Won..Yay!!!

So yesterday while I was studying biology, my phone’s screen glowed, showing a twitter notification pop up. I didn’t open it right away because as mentioned before, I was studying!! C’mon People! keep up with the story.
So after a while when I opened it, I was gobsmacked! I was being awarded the very coveted “Liebster Award” by the very lovely Linda Roche of “Beauty La Linda“. You guy might wanna check her out. Continue reading

Cherimoya, Love My Nails (Review)


I wasn’t much of a nail paint person through out my childhood. May be I was boring or it could either be my over chewed nails! Oopsies

But soon after high school, I started getting weirdly attracted to nail polishes. Seeing my college friends rocking the bold metallic shades and accentuating those bold colours with patels, it got me thinking. I had to look as cool as them. Or may be that confidence was the result of my newly grown decent sized nails. Don’t know, don’t wanna know.

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