Cherimoya, Love My Nails (Review)


I wasn’t much of a nail paint person through out my childhood. May be I was boring or it could either be my over chewed nails! Oopsies

But soon after high school, I started getting weirdly attracted to nail polishes. Seeing my college friends rocking the bold metallic shades and accentuating those bold colours with patels, it got me thinking. I had to look as cool as them. Or may be that confidence was the result of my newly grown decent sized nails. Don’t know, don’t wanna know.


So, a couple of weeks ago, I ordered a bunch of nail polishes. And yes! I know these companies are not newly trending but I liked the colours and these shades were in limited quantity. Although I think a over paid for them but the heart wants what it wants!


BTW, this is my bestie’s hand. Thanks bae :*

The colours used here are White and transparent nail coat are “Vernis Classique” from “Cherimoya” and the black one is called “Black rage” from “Love My Nails”.

I really liked the intensity of the cherimoya one. The white wasn’t chalky or flaky in any way. It was plain, rich and definite white. I specially loved the bottle. It’s simple yet very classy. The nail paint spreads really well on the nail, no clotting or thickening at all. Even the nail top coat is smooth and has a very gorgeous glassy finish to it.

As per Black rage, it’s said to give u a “wet look”. Pfffttt… Anyways, The packaging is pretty blunt I’d say. I didn’t really like the pigmentation of this one. It’s really nice and glaze-y  but won’t give you the desired pitch black colour in a single go. I had to build it u exactly 7 times on her nails to get the shown result plus, it takes ages to dry!


In case you’re wondering,the rings are from H&M ^_^


I’d definitely buy more of the Cherimoya nail paints for sure. I give it…. drum roll… 5/5 ❤️‍

As for Love My Nails, though I’m not much satisfied with it but it’s build able. Although the drying issue is a bummer. It gets 2.5/5❤️‍

Opinions? Experiences? Crazy gossip?All welcomed.

Good Luck xx




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