Makeup Revolution “Essential Mattes” Worth The Hype?


The makeup industry these days is literally flooded with new makeup lines and millions of dupes to high end products. But unfortunately, a few make it to the mark. So, today, I wanted to review the very talked makeup line of the makeup history “Makeup Revolution London”. Their eye shadow line, Iconic 1, 2 and 3 being famous for dupes to UD Naked palettes, has taken over the internet. Then comes in another of their palette called “Essential Mattes” which again hit the beauty gurus in the sweet spot because of it’s versatility.  So, I thought to give it a try and ordered the palette.blog1c

As from the first look, the packaging looks super sleek and very travel friendly, I must add. Comes in 12 with 12 shades, the first 4 being neutrals, the next 4 being browns and taupe-ish, ending the palette with bit darker, smokey 2c

Also, comes with a double sided eye shadow applicator. I am not really into the padded eye shadow applicators but nothing’s perfect! In my opinion, the first two shades were a bit chalky as compared to the others but the rest of the palette is super pigmented and packs in very beautifully on the eye shadow brush as well the eye lid. The shadows are very creamy, very smooth and for 8$, it’s quite a 3x

Comparing them to the UD naked palettes, they are quite in the race to the crown, because of there supreme quality and selection of the shades. The can be used on daily basis or for doing a smokey eye for a party, it’s a win win!blog 4x

I absolutely love this palette and would definitely recommend them to those who are still thinking over buying them. It’s a fantastic deal and is easily available.

I would give them 4.5/5

Have you guys used it yet? What are your opinions? Comment down below.
Good luck xx



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