March Wishlist

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Spring is just around the corner and it just really compels everyone to make certain changes. Whether it’s your skin care routine or your wardrobe, everything has to undergo a teeny tiny change. While for me, when it comes to going through my make up stash, I really like to search up new stuff and my heart leaps right at them to try them, because why not?

For today’s post, I went quite overboard with my wishes * opsies*  thought of sharing ,my ultimate, high end, March wishlist. Let’s get into it.

1:Becca Under Eye Brightener Corrector | £19mio

This little gem from Becca is the one that I’ve been dying to try recently. It’s basically a full coverage cream  base corrector which conceals those pesky dark circles and brightens the under eye area, making you look dope as heck. I’ve got the Maybelline Age Rewind which I think is a brilliant product, but it tends to creases on me even when I set it with powder. This Becca version claims to not settle into any fine lines, so hopefully I would get the results I want with this one.

2:Too Faced Peanut Butter And Jelly Palette |£28web_peanutbutter_jelly_composite

Since the day I saw this palette, OH MY GOD! I’ve been so into it. The colours range from brown to beige to purple ending into very lovely pinky shade. It’s a mix of shimmery and mattes, which is one of the best things about it. I am not much of an eye shadow junkie but this palette makes me wanna transition into one.

3: Charlotte Tilbury, Between The Sheets Lipstick | £23

This gorgeous gorgeous lipstick, from CT in the range Matte Revolution is my absolute favorite. I went online to order it twice, and to my bad luck, it was out of stock *Sobs in a pillow* But I have my eye out for it. I have a bunch of pinks in my lippie stash and I think this would be a lovely addition.

4: Hourglass Modernist Eye shadow Palette in Exposure | £56

This beauty, My friends, Is what I call epitome of perfection! My mum got this palette for her birthday last week, and just as I saw this I zoned out into the world of beauty. I absolutely loved the shades in this gorgeous palette, they looks so refined and silky and the packaging is sleek. What more qualities do you want ? The color range is very clever and kinds makes me envy my mum now. So this diamond, is next on my list.

5: Chantecallie Stress Repair Concentrate | £150

11211335_6489445_1000Next on the list is this, very very expensive skin care product from Chantecallie. This baby is their ultimate solution to stressed out people including myself. As per them, it awakens the eyes, removes puffiness, smooths fine lines and the active caffeine makes you look like you have just woken up from your beauty sleep. What else do we want? It might take me a while to get my hands on this pot of miracle but when I do, I’ll be sure to rave about it.

6: Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, Revitalize and Glow Serum | £47


Being a college student, this bottle of miracle might not seem like made for me but due the stress medical studies are giving me, I think it’ll be my salvage from those early fine lines under the eyes. This product promises to deliver a jolt of antioxidants with its lightweight formula to prevent all those pesky aging or stress signs. Who wouldn’t wanna try that out?

Which product do you think, amonsgt the mentioned above will make into your wishlist? Comment below, lovelies..

Good Luck xx



9 thoughts on “March Wishlist

  1. I’ve seen a lot of youtube videos on the Hourglass palette that have been updated stating that it is NOT worth the money. Bailey B did one I think a while back and even gave a cheaper option. Before you invest in this palette I suggest doing a bit of research on it on youtube. Just make sure it is worth the hefty price tag. We don’t have Hourglass where I live, so I haven’t seen it in person. I really like your Too Faced palette choice and the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick choice too! Nice post! I just posted a review on NYX’s Avant Pop Palette in Nouveau Chic, please check it out. Thanks! XOXO!

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