10 Tips For Glowing Skin

tips for glowing skin

 I have always been the person in family whom everyone is asking, ‘Hey! how come your skin never breaks out?”, “Hey! Why is your under eye plump in spite of the all nighters?” Whoa people!!! I might have a lil better skin but I am not a unicorn. I do have my bad skin day….Horrible skin days.

Though most of the time my skin behaves itself, credit of which majorly goes to genetics.. Thanks mum and daddy! But just to keep the hereditary safe, I have a rule book, which I wanna share with all your lovelies today.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

1: Drink Up.

tips for glowing1

We all are well aware that out body is 70% water, that means skin being the largest organ relays on water. For that uber glowing skin, that everyone craves, you need to chug at least 12 glasses or 10 glasses if not more, of water daily. If you aren’t much into water, try building up the amount and you’ll eventually hit the mark.

2: Natural Anti-Aging Agent.

raspberry as anti aging agent

A powerful yet cheap anti aging potion is lurking right in your fridge. Yes! Raspberries are the Holy Grail anti-aging product. Loaded with Ellagic acid and anti-oxidants, it’s said to prevent wrinkles when applied to the face. It protects the collagen of your skin and keeps the skin plump. Add in a tbsp of honey, you have your own luxury glowing face mask! TA-TA Spa..

3: Know Your Serums.

serums for glowing skin

Serums are concentrated, collagen packed creams, meant to target the dull areas of your face, making you look younger, glowy and fresh. The myth of waiting till your 30’s to start applying serums is being debunked long ago. You need to gear up your skincare regimen by adding a serum to it, that suits your skin.

4: Munch On Mixed Nuts.

tip for glowiing skin

Rich in selenium, omega-3 and skin rejuvenation oils, mixed nuts are the top notch source to that picture perfect skin. They increase the skin elasticity and prevent the early aging. Aim for a handful of each daily to reap their pore-perfecting benefits.

5: Aloe Gel For The Win.

aloe vera gel for gloiwng skin

Everyone comes across those days when you look all puffy and have patches of redness because you’ve either been loaded on salty jazz or binge eating. No worries! Aloe vera gel has been the ancient ruler of healing skin inflammation. The soothing properties of the gel, helps your skin to de-puff and adds fresh glow to it.

6: Hit The Bed Early.

beauty sleep

No guys! Beauty sleep isn’t a myth! The body is programmed to repair itself over night. When we are busy pulling those all nighters and snacking on the nearest pack on chips, our skin starts to become saggy and fine lines starts appearing, stealing your glow. A good 7-9 hours of sleep, depending on your preference is the staircase to healthy skin.

7: Facial Oils.


I said it! Putting oils on your face is the ultimate way to glowy skin! Several facial oils, including tea tree oils, black seed oils and many others are meant to add the luster to our skin, that we die for. These oils aren’t supposed to make your skin feel tacky but hydrated and smooth.

8: Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate.

exfoliating face mask

I can’t emphasize enough on this point. Exfoliating is the holy grail to that plump and luscious skin. Over time, our skin accumulates dead cells on the epidermis, which in turn clogs our pores, making us look ashy an dull. A mild exfoliating once a week can be your savior and ticket to supermodel worthy skin

9: Hands Off Face.

Keep your hands off your face

Just like Selena Gomez, we shouldn’t be keeping our hands to ourselves. Our hands are our engagement tools and touch every chair, every table and every wall. Every single thing is contaminated and when those hands end up on your face, hello breakouts! In order to avoid those pesky pimples, keep thoe hands off your beautiful face.

10: Slather On The Sunscreen

sunscreen for glowing skin

Summer or winter, sunscreen should be your best friend if you want that million dollar skin. Our skin has the tendency to age per-maturely when exposed too much to UV rays. Sun being the major source of UV rays, affects our skin negatively. To reverse those horrendous affects, keep a sunscreen up your sleeve.
What are your beauty secrets for the million dollar skin? Share down below.
Good luck xx



Pictures taken from Google Images. Credits go to the respective owners.

16 thoughts on “10 Tips For Glowing Skin

  1. Water is the only thing that is very hard to keep up in UK weather for me but even if I do not look after my skin it do not break I think am one of those lucky ones. Very well put together, after reading your post makes me want to put extra effort towards my skin x!

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