Coconut Lane +Discount Code


Like they say, Luck knocks at your door every once in a while, you just have to be alert enough to grab the opportunity. So a while ago, I saw a tweet by a very promising and chic line called, Coconut Lane. They were taking in affiliates to become their “Coconut Queens”, Isn’t that CLASSY?
So, being a jewellery lover, I jumped at the opportunity and submitted my application to become the Queen that I am. Damn right, I am! *sassy snap*


With in a brief period of Time, I was contacted by Charlotte Stag, The very lovely CEO of the line, saying that I was selected as their Coconut Queen. YAAAAAAAY!! And as a welcome gift, I was given a lovely discount to be used for my jewellery craving.
I was so over the top when she accepted me in. I was ecstatic because the line is such a gem. With there classy wall arts and fun Mobile cases to their cheeky socks and brilliant jewelry pieces, I love everything.

Coconut Lane 04

The picture above is of an anklet they have in their store, which I have my eye on because it’s a pretty crescent and star!! Who doesn’t want that as an anklet?

So, for all of my lovely followers, I have a treat for you guys! As a thank you for your tremendous support, you can use my code “BEAUTYBAE20” for an exclusive 20% off your order. How bloody cool is that!
I will be getting a lil commission every time you use my code, but you guys love me, right? BECAUSE I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK ❤ And maybe I throw a giveaway in with the commission money *cheeky smile* You never know!

SO, go and get your hands on the hottest, cutest and chic line in town. Let me know your experience with the site.
Good Luck xx



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