How To: Accentuate Your Eye Colour

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I have always been struggling with selection of eye shadows and eye liners when it comes to my eye color accentuation. I have the most versatile color of eyes..YES! Brown eyes. But I don’t have dark brown eyes, neither light brown.. Strange, right! My eye color can exactly be called as a chocolate brown with a hint of honey tone to it, If that makes nay sense. meh.. Alright, let’s not get carried away… Focus people! So .. I know we all have Continue reading


Latest Pakistani Bed Sheets Designs


When it comes to  home decor, am a sucker for vibrant colored bed spreads and fluffy cozy comforter. Through out my childhood years I have always preferred geometric and vivid prints over the plain ol’ white sheets. I also intent to lean towards the classy intricate design spreads but that changes with the theme of my room. We used to order almost all our decor items from the very famous IKEA or had it custom made. But as days Continue reading

Korean Skincare-Sheet Mask from Skin18


Like every other girl on the planet I wanna look fresh and hydrated with all the study stress but wanna use minimal approach product. I don’t have time to literally go to a salon and give myself a good hourly pamper session in order to dazzle. Recently, Korean skincare has taken the internet by storm with their unique and almost no-time consuming skincare range to give you that dewy and fresh skin under a matter of minute without even disturbing your hectic study routine! A few days back Continue reading

Summer Lawn Collection 2016


With the passage of time, fashion has evolved so much. Starting from plain and sheer laces to all the aztec and floral prints, The fashion evolution has really been amazing. In our Eastern culture long shirts with mesmerizing prints are the top hit. Recently the new Lawn Collection for the year 2016 has been introduced to the market. The subtle combo of floral designs, tribal prints and  classic embroidery Continue reading

Beauty Blogger’s Tag


Hey Darlings! I woke u today and thought how bloody lazy I am :’D YES! God gracious! I am such a lazy person. Specially these days when I have to pull all nighters for the sake and love of my bright future, I am super tired but seeing all this positivity and so many lovely people around gives me hope and strength to get out of my procrastination zone and bring up posts!

So, today I would like Continue reading

#GlamorousEtoiles Giveaway

You guys might wanna check this giveaway ^_^

Glamorous Etoiles


Hello Everyone

I just wanted to Thank you all for showing my little blog so much encouragement and support😘!

I have cross 300 followers! So I just wanted to do a mini celebration 🎉✨, I will be having my very first giveaway ! 😘

Here’s what the lucky winner will be getting!


  1. MakeUp Revolution – Lip Gloss Natural Pink
  2. MakeUp Revolution – Lipstick – Pink
  3. W7- Lip Paint – Perfection
  4. Lashes – Lubna Rafiq
  5. Fashion Jewellery – Necklace

All you have to do to win these lovely goodies is :

  1.  Like & Reblog this post and follow my blog here on WordPress
  2. Follow me on Twitter bindasscherry
  3. Follow me on Instagram glamorousetoiles

That’s it ladies easy peazy!

One winner  will be chosen at random at the end of this month and I will post their name on my blog, instagram and Twitter.

Best of luck to all of you and once again…

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DIY: Facial Mist For Oily Skin


So it’s been one of those days when I am feeling super lazy but I have to gather up all that’s left inside and get my jazz together and create content. I received 2 emails in the past week from two lovely ladies requesting some DIY facial mist that can help with their oily skin. I was so happy to know that people can approach me now. :’) So without further ado, I stepped in, did a little research in my family and came up with this miracle mist that my cousin swears by. Continue reading

A Thank You Note To Blogging Chums


I still remember the day, exactly a month ago from now when I had a very crazy idea to step in the blogging world. I had fears, I was nervous and honestly I thought I won’t even blend in because there are millions of blogger that are so much better then me. I had fears of being one lone wolfie, wandering in the blogging fields, with no friends to relay on. But to the crazy extent of my amazement Continue reading

Favourite Spring Lipsticks


Wandering around on Bloglovin and twitter, there has been one topic that never left my sight and kept popping up in different versions. Lipsticks and spring! AND God! who doesn’t love those? I am not much of a lipstick fanatic but spring is an absolute fav. Speaking of which, Continue reading