Favourite Spring Lipsticks


Wandering around on Bloglovin and twitter, there has been one topic that never left my sight and kept popping up in different versions. Lipsticks and spring! AND God! who doesn’t love those? I am not much of a lipstick fanatic but spring is an absolute fav. Speaking of which, I am on bloglovin now! YAY. You guys might wanna say hello there! I’d love to return the greetings back ^_^

So! Coming back to the topic, I thought of doing my version of it as well. I wanted to share  my all time fav spring lipsticks with you guys. A mix of high end, drugstore and local trusted brands, let’s get into it!


I simply can’t say enough about how much I love the pinky, dusky and peachy tones. And may be it’s due to the fact that am super pale but for instance, Let me walk you through the brands and lippies. Shall we?


First up on the list is my all time fav, Peachy toned “Matt Glam” from a local brand named Christine. This lipstick is apparently matte but applies oh-so smoothly on the lips, giving a demi-matte finish in he start and dries off to complete matte. I think it can be absolutely rocked in Spring with almost any outfit.


Second one is my very versatile “Sugar Plum” in Lo’real. This lippie is a very sheer, dune pink color that can either be worn just like that or can be paired on the top of any other color for a pop of shimmer. It has a slght champagne undertone to it, which makes it very wearable and my Spring go to. ^_^


Ah! Isn’t that everyone’s sweetheart! Third up is my “Lady Danger” from MAC. And of course you’ll all be thinking how did I transition from Peachy tones to a bold Taylor Swift Lips? But honestly, This color is just about right. Cool undertone and bold color..BAM! Spring dance perfection!


Next in the row of awesome lippies is my very beloved lipstick in shade “135” by Glamour Face USA. God! This color is such a lovely blend of red hue and dense orange tones! It has a very similar appearance to “Morange” By MAC minus the glossy-ness! But still, this has a bit more red hue to it which makes it my Floral season bae. *Heart Eyes*


Last, but not the least is one of my must-haves from a locak brand, “Chiffon Blush” By Medora. Fancy name, right? I absolutely love love love the shade. It’s a very dusky, subtle pink with a hint of brown to it.These days, dense tone lipsticks are in trend, so this I think would be the perfect match for Spring and all the way along.


I hope my super pale arm is doing justice to these very lovely shades.

What is your fav Spring Lipstick? Lemme know if you have any recommendations.

Good Luck xx




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