A Thank You Note To Blogging Chums


I still remember the day, exactly a month ago from now when I had a very crazy idea to step in the blogging world. I had fears, I was nervous and honestly I thought I won’t even blend in because there are millions of blogger that are so much better then me. I had fears of being one lone wolfie, wandering in the blogging fields, with no friends to relay on. But to the crazy extent of my amazement I found people. I found support. I found love and I found friendship, unconditional and divine friendship beyond all the barriers of distance.

This month TheGirlGang came up with the idea to acknowledge that beautiful friendship spirit, to celebrate the kindness and love. I definitely took the opportunity as a platform to offer my sincere gratitude to my very loving blogger chums. The list is infinite but I will and shall do another post for the same purpose. But for now, Meet a few of those gorgeous people.


❤Tina from Tea Is For Tina :

This girl wears her heart on her sleeve. We didn’t really initiated our friendship officially through DMs but we just went from being twitter followers to girly chums through #latenightblogger chat. She can literally sweep you off your feet and you won’t even feel it.

❤Rianne from RianneMitchell :

There hasn’t been a single tweet of mine that has remained unliked because of this beauty! I mean, how does she? With her heart of gold and such bubbly blog posts, Rianne has made a good lil place in my heart. She is friendly, pretty, kind and so much more that I still have to discover. It’s a good start, right?

❤Sana from Makeupoholics :

This lady who is more then a sisterly figure to me then a friend. She was my first ever friend in the blogging community and introduced me to so many ways to keep me standing in the blogging zone. Always being the lovliest, helping me, being sisterly to me, asking about my health and studies time to time, with the most gorgeous ever face, she is th epitome of friendship and kindness.

❤Filzah from Lady In Rouge :

She is one of my very new friends in the blogging society but the way we connected together over such a short period of time is admirable. This girl has a golden spirit and such a level of patience because I know am annoying. Ahaha… But really! She can charm you and become your friend before you even sort it out. PS: I love her Blog name! You go, girl!

❤Honey from Royal Lifestyle :

It wouldn’t be any wrong if I say this girl can defy the laws of gravity. I mean, just within two chat sessions, or may be three, I was pulled in by her lovely personality. She is shy, funny, pretty and such a soft soul! Her craft posts makes me so proud of having such an arty friend.

I have so much more at heart to convey but for now a good ol’ “I love you, beautiful” would suffice. And I was dead serious when I said I could have gotten you all a pizza if there wasn’t a distance barrier 😀 And if I can share my food with you, You know you are special.

I will be doing a sequel to this series so that the rest of my chumies don’t show up at my door with a pitchfork in there hands. :’D

Good luck xx



22 thoughts on “A Thank You Note To Blogging Chums

  1. Thank you so, so much for such a lovely post! It means a lot to be featured and I of course feel the same. It’s been great to meet such a friendly, giving and loving person! I’m so glad we followed each other.
    Also, you’ve only been at it a month and your blog is THIS good?! I wish I’d started off as well as you 🙂 xxx

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  2. This post is perfect to describe. I had fears too to be alone blogger but like you said I totally agreed. Slowly but once we get to know others we just make a special bond in blogging community and am really appreciating it. Well put Hun x! (I was going to nominate you for Liebster award but you already achieved so much on your blog, Just to let you know I love reading your blog and will continue to do so)

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  3. Great post.Awesome Blog.Glad you made some good friends,blogosphere has also helped me meet some awesome people from around the world so I get what you mean.Keep blogging,you are doing great!

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