Summer Lawn Collection 2016


With the passage of time, fashion has evolved so much. Starting from plain and sheer laces to all the aztec and floral prints, The fashion evolution has really been amazing. In our Eastern culture long shirts with mesmerizing prints are the top hit. Recently the new Lawn Collection for the year 2016 has been introduced to the market. The subtle combo of floral designs, tribal prints and  classic embroidery has blown the market away and left the ladies longing for more of the wearable goodness.

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The wide array of colors and very fine embroidery has made the shirts fly off the shelves under a matter of minutes. The contrast of the colors and the subtle lacing has made the shirts more attractive to not only the consumer in the Eastern region but also many of our Western fellows. Many of the Western region ladies are seen out rocking the classic printed lawn shirts with denims as well as to over alls. Recently her Royal Highness, Kate Middleton was seen by the fashion police rocking some very gorgeous lawn prints in the form of chic maxi dresses.

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Due to the huge demand of the new Lawn Collection many of the online stores around the globe are stocking them for their customers to have a taste of the Eastern culture wrapped in the classy trends. The Lawn collection is being customized into shirts, long skirts, scarfs and even being made into super chic gowns to top off the boring plain old Tees.p5665-ladies-cowl-neck-tops-with-tights_3

Clothes online shopping in Pakistan has recently become more convenient to cover all the fashion needs of the busy ladies. You just need a laptop and your fave Lawn piece will be at your doorstep.

What are your thoughts on these lovely yet chic prints? Let me know.

Good Luck xx


*The post contains affiliate links.

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