How To: Accentuate Your Eye Colour

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I have always been struggling with selection of eye shadows and eye liners when it comes to my eye color accentuation. I have the most versatile color of eyes..YES! Brown eyes. But I don’t have dark brown eyes, neither light brown.. Strange, right! My eye color can exactly be called as a chocolate brown with a hint of honey tone to it, If that makes nay sense. meh.. Alright, let’s not get carried away… Focus people! So .. I know we all have our own issues with our eye colors but makeup is a universal language,girls.

The easiest way to make your eyes stand out is to use complementary shades of eye shadow that work best with your specific color. It may come as a surprise, but you should not wear the same color eyeshadow as your eye color.So for today, I would like to introduce you all to the eye shadows tones that will compliment your eye color and make your eye pop bright and beautifully!

Brown /Hazel Eyes:


For brown eyes, try pale greens or blues. This brings out the warm tones in your brown eyes and make them appear richer. Use darker jewel tones, like dark plum, for a smoky and sultry look..
The best possible combos for Brown eyes would be:
❥Brown, beige, tan
❥Gray, charcoal
❥Khaki, olive green, mocha
❥Bronze, gold
❥Violet, lavender, blue

Blue Eyes:


For blue eyes, try peach and orange shades for daytime wear and copper tones and burnt orange shades for evening shimmer. These complementary shades will make the blue of your eyes radiant, in turn making them glisten.
The best possible combos for Blue eyes would be:
❥Pink, rose, violet, lavender
❥Gray, silver, copper
❥Dark blue, light blue, turquoise
❥Charcoal, black, brown

Green Eyes:


For green eyes, use pink tones and reddish-berry shades for daytime wear and shimmering bronze and ruby shades for evening. The contrast of the reddish shades against the green of the eyes will make the color of your eyes sparkle.
The best possible combos for Green Eyes would be:
❥Gold, bronze, copper
❥Brown, chocolate, mustard yellow
❥Peach, beige, Champagne, taupe, apricot
❥Plum, mauve, purple, violet, pink
❥Deep and mossy green shades

Black Eyes:


If you have black eyes, congratulations! You can rock almost every eye shadow. Because of the mix hues of color in your eye,every eye shadow compliments your natural eye color.

Whats you eye color? Any tips for making the eye bright? Share your eye popping secrets!

Good Luck xx



Pictures taken from Google Images. Credits go to the respective owners.

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