Garnier BB cream- Review

best BB cream

Summers and the right foundation for summer, are two of the most crucial things! Just as summers are approaching further into the year, it’s about time to giddy up and get the right shades in for a healthy looking skin rather then a melted face full of unmatched makeup. We don’t want that, do we? *Aye aye, Captain!*
As my mum always say, There’s nothing better then a BB cream when it comes to summer makeup. Sure you can use foundation if you are up for a night event, but for a summer day, out with friends, BB cream can give you all the benefits of foundation in turn keeping your skin breathable and glowy! Continue reading


Benefits Of Cash On Delivery In Online Shopping In Pakistan


Well who doesn’t like shopping? Anyone? That’s exactly what I thought, ladies! From clothing to shoes and from  perfumes to accessories, I haven’t yet came across anyone who doesn’t like to shop for themselves or for there loved ones, every once in a while. But even if you hate shopping like myself there is still a way for you to get that bag you were drooling over last week in your friend’s party…And that’s none other than Online Shopping! You are literally a few clicks away Continue reading

DIY: Spa Face Mask For Glowing Skin

Facial for glowing skin

I am a super skeptical person when it comes to my skin care. I either go full on natural and turn into John Keats of skincare or just let my skin breathe in the fresh air and self repair. But however busy I get I try my level best to give myself a little pamper session once in every two weeks atleast to ensure I am looking fine and not like a zombie apocalypse just struck me. Continue reading

Latest Rasasi Perfumes Collection 2016

best summer peefumes

Trying to impress someone? Spritz some fragrance and Voila! Half of the work is already done for you. Many of the times you can tell who the person is by just getting a whiff of the scent around, That’s what we call a Signature scent. Every now an then people tend to build a statement personality for the society by which they are differentiated from others. Perfumes play a hardcore role there! You can’t show up for an interview smelling like you just came straight from a hockey field, would you? Continue reading

Garnier UltraLift- Pro X (Plumpimg Cream)- Review

Best eye plumping cream

When it comes to student life, pulling all nighters and maintaining a perfectly awake, de-puff eyes is quite a struggle. In fact these days, not only students but every single person is the victim of the horrible eye bags, fine lines under eyes and hyper pigmented under eye area. People who are just out of the teens, like myself might not apparently need an eye serum or any anti-aging formulas but dermatologists suggest Continue reading

April Wishlist

best highlighters

Every now and then, the beauty products on the market are updating. With new promises and splendid packaging, they are almost irresistible to buy either they are for your skin type or not, you just gotta have that piece in your makeup bag because of  either of the reason
1: The internet Hype, Of course!
2: It previously worked wonders for your friend.

I always love making these wishlists, for some certain reason Continue reading

The Miranda Sings Award


Well who doesn’t love Miranda sings? I know I do… A LOT! She is literally the number one I reach out to when I am feeling stressed or just for fun, because hey! no reason is needed to smile anyway 🙂
So, I recently discovered there was an award named after her, and I had all my fingers n toes crossed to get nominated for it. No judging,people! So a few days back, well, a couple of weeks basically Continue reading