April Wishlist

best highlighters

Every now and then, the beauty products on the market are updating. With new promises and splendid packaging, they are almost irresistible to buy either they are for your skin type or not, you just gotta have that piece in your makeup bag because of  either of the reason
1: The internet Hype, Of course!
2: It previously worked wonders for your friend.

I always love making these wishlists, for some certain reason they give me hope that one day! I will buy these products and then be broke till my next pocket money cheque comes in. But who doesn’t? I know am a little late on this month’s wishlist but better be late then never!So without further ado,let’s get into it.

1:Sunday Riley Tidal cream | $ 62

The perfect summer moisturizer? Sunday Riley gets me every time. Though it isn’t much pocket friendly but for the sake of hydrated skin…AMEN!

2:Too cool for school pumpkin sleeping pack| $ 15

Can we just take a moment to admire the adorable brand name? I saw it on a fellow bloggers wishlist and I was like “SOLD!!” I love skincare products and when they come out to be so cute, I can’t really wait to slap in on my face.

3:Burberry Highlighter | $ 46


Burberry has always been a dream brand to me. They seriously have the knowledge to weave elegance with edge and put it in a sleek box calling it a highlighter. I don’t know how will it look on my skin but just to have a piece of art like this on my dresser, I can leap in.

4:Urban Decay highlighter in Sin| $ 26


This era is all about highlighters, rainbows and unicorns. Yeah! I said unicorns. This UD afterglow highlighter is such a gem. It too dark for my skin since am a pale vampire but I have a wish to buy it to try it. Nothing much to ask for right?

5:Tom Ford Lipstick in Pink Tease| $ 52

No wishlist can be complete without a lipstick. I have been into pinky, nudes and dusky shades lately. A few days back my friend took out this lipstick from her bag and since then am in love. Though it’s pricey but once you own a fall in love with Tom Ford, there is no going back.

6:Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette | $ 60


Who doesn’t love Alice in the wonderland? It has been my fave since it came out. And then seeing UD putting the movie to life in the form of makeup? SOLD!! No questions asked.

What are your faves from the list? Let me know what’s on your wishlist.

Good Luck xx



15 thoughts on “April Wishlist

  1. There are SO many gorgeous eyeshadow palettes out right now, aren’t there?! And the Alice one is just phenomenal. I have really round eyes, and am SO TERRIBLE at eyeshadow :(((( I just wish I could own some and use them, but I look so bad. The Alice one is just like an decoration though!! xox


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