Garnier UltraLift- Pro X (Plumpimg Cream)- Review

Best eye plumping cream

When it comes to student life, pulling all nighters and maintaining a perfectly awake, de-puff eyes is quite a struggle. In fact these days, not only students but every single person is the victim of the horrible eye bags, fine lines under eyes and hyper pigmented under eye area. People who are just out of the teens, like myself might not apparently need an eye serum or any anti-aging formulas but dermatologists suggest using anti-aging and skin repairing serums right as you hit your 20s to ensure the healthy glow and zeal of your skin stays intact through the coming years.

In terms of skincare, my mum never compromises. She has a perfect day and night regiment but she keeps trying on new products every now and then. Couple of weeks ago, My mum bought this miracle serum for herself. She was really happy with the results n swore that it de-puffed her eye and slightly filled her crow’s feet as well.


I thought to myself, if it can repair my mum’s eye bags, I should give it a try as well, for the sake of the beauty blog if not myself… Yeah! Am that committed. I wouldn’t say I have horrendous eye bags or dark circles but every now and then I do get puffy eyes due to lack of sleep. So I tried this Garnier UltraLift Pro- X  for a good whole week to see if it really works.


The texture of the serum is very velvety, very light on the skin, super absorbent  and non- greasy. With all these quality the best part is, it’s a pocket friendly product and it absolutely works. This bottle was £ 13. I intend to stay away from all skin treatments and stuff just because I know I can’t maintain a regime but this serum OH. MY. GOD!! It takes time to work on mature skin because I seen my mum’s skin starting to glow after only using it for a month and for me, when I applied it on the puff eye bags, it literally took a minute and POOF!! Hello awake eyes!

I absolutely recommend this product. Very well worth the money and doesn’t cause any irritation at all, unless you have any specific allergies.
5/5 ♥

What is your holy grail product? Let me know in the comments below.

Good Luck xx


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