Latest Rasasi Perfumes Collection 2016

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Trying to impress someone? Spritz some fragrance and Voila! Half of the work is already done for you. Many of the times you can tell who the person is by just getting a whiff of the scent around, That’s what we call a Signature scent. Every now an then people tend to build a statement personality for the society by which they are differentiated from others. Perfumes play a hardcore role there! You can’t show up for an interview smelling like you just came straight from a hockey field, would you? Rasasi Perfumes has majorly solved this problem on so many levels when it comes to choosing your signature scent!

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From a huge range of Women’s perfumes to a huge variety of men’s range, Rasasi never let’s anyone down. Being an Arab based brand, it has done a wonderful job with combining the exotic Arab originated scents like sandal wood and musk, with the light floral and natural extracts to create such beautiful perfumes. I personally like this brand very much because I have been infatuated with it’s divine scents since childhood. I have seen many of my family members owning the very gorgeously shaped bottles and it made me go GA-GA every time!

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The new 2016 collection has made an amazing entry. Not just the scent but they also invested a lot of energy in creating the bottles in which these divine scents are then poured. Each bottle correlates perfectly with it’s name and the scent itself which definitely makes the brand a winner. It’s shipped and shopped worldwide which gives it the edge over all. Perfumes online shopping in Pakistan has really made a positive impact on the consumerism and yet has become a utility for many perfumes fanatics like myself.

What’s your fave perfume? Let me know in the comments below..

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10 thoughts on “Latest Rasasi Perfumes Collection 2016

  1. Your post reminds of my good old days in Dubai. They have the Rasasi stores in almost every mall and some of their fragrances are amazing. Recently I have come across a local brand in the UK called Ayesha Zia and her fragrance are lovely but very expensive. She stocks in Pakistan too. Have you heard of it?

    Fatima |

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