DIY: Spa Face Mask For Glowing Skin

Facial for glowing skin

I am a super skeptical person when it comes to my skin care. I either go full on natural and turn into John Keats of skincare or just let my skin breathe in the fresh air and self repair. But however busy I get I try my level best to give myself a little pamper session once in every two weeks atleast to ensure I am looking fine and not like a zombie apocalypse just struck me.
Today I wanna share one of the best DIY facial pack with you that I absolutely swear by. It never disappoints. Gives your skin a smooth texture, makes it brighter, glowing and very healthy looking in under 20 minutes!

❤︎ You’ll need:

❤︎ Half cucumber Sliced and Frozen
❤︎ A Tsp Of Rose Water
❤︎ A Few drops of Almond Extract
❤︎ 4 Tbsp Fuller’s Earth / Clay Mask / Multani Mitti

essential oils for skin

❤︎ Instructions:

1: Mash the frozen cucumber with a fork, put the paste in a muslin cloth and squeeze out the juice in a small container.
benefits of cucumber for skin

2: Add the Almond extract and rose water to the cold cucumber juice that you just squeezed and mix together.
facial at home

3:Now add the Fuller’s Earth, one Tbsp at a time to to the liquid mix and keep adding till you get a fine applicable pasty consistency.
mud pack at home

4: Apply the mask after cleansing your skin with your fingers or a facial brush and leave on for 15 minutes or till dried completely.

5: Use a soft wet towel to remove the mask and apply any moisturizer of your choice afterwards. Bye bye dull skin!

What is you beauty secret for a 100 watt skin? Share down below, girls!

Good Luck xx




10 thoughts on “DIY: Spa Face Mask For Glowing Skin

  1. I have also written a post about my at-home pamper routine, will share my ideas soon on my blog but this is just perfect and very easy to make, very helpful. I remember when I was in Pakistan my sister in law use to put Multani mitti on my face. I will try to find here in UK otherwise your post reminded me when I visit PK’ need to buy a lot Multani mitti and hide in my luggage (he-he) ❤ x!

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  4. Sound great! Actually I have used Multani mitti earlier when I was in Pakistan but I will have it find it if it is available here in the UK now. I normally prefer homemade DIY masks. They are so cost-effective and can be applied anytime at home.

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