Garnier BB cream- Review

best BB cream

Summers and the right foundation for summer, are two of the most crucial things! Just as summers are approaching further into the year, it’s about time to giddy up and get the right shades in for a healthy looking skin rather then a melted face full of unmatched makeup. We don’t want that, do we? *Aye aye, Captain!*
As my mum always say, There’s nothing better then a BB cream when it comes to summer makeup. Sure you can use foundation if you are up for a night event, but for a summer day, out with friends, BB cream can give you all the benefits of foundation in turn keeping your skin breathable and glowy!

I heard a lot about this specific Garnier BB cream but never got my hands on it since I don’t prefer wearing too much makeup in summers but for the sake of people like myself on the internet, I got myself one to review!

It comes in a range of shades, ranging from dark tones to nude beige for light complexions. Since I am a pale zombie, I wanted to get the lightest shade that I can get, so I got myself the shade “Light” which was still waaaaay too dark for me! But then again, if you are into a sun kissed glow, this BB cream is your friend. I used it for a week, so did my mum so I can see how it goes on mature skin.

Its very creamy, thick and slightly oily. It does give you a sheer coverage and is quite buildable as well but I wouldn’t recommend building it up since it has a hint of oil to it! It’s is a gorgeous match for dry skin though.My mum loved it.

You can see for the swatch how pigmented is the lightest shade, But I must say, it does a brilliant job through the day. It might feel oily because it has a bit oil to it but after a while it dries nicely and keeps up with the sun beautifully. Just for £9.99 it keeps your skin hydrated and well covered. It has SPF 15 so, no sunblock needed. I might give it a 4/5 ❤︎ for younger skin types but for slightly mature skin, its a definite 5/5 ❤︎

Have you used this BB cream yet? How did you find it on your skin, share below!

Good Luck xx



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