Be Selfie Ready – 5 Beauty Mistakes To Avoid For A Perfect Selfie

How to take perfect Selfies

Who doesn’t wanna look glowing and gorgeous in those Instagram selfies? We all have our good and bad hair days and even bad skin days but a bad selfie day is outta line! But there are a few common beauty mistakes that you make, unintentionally, that makes your selfie look tired and very #Basic. Continue reading


Women’s Tops Collection 2016

crop top trend 2016outfits street style streetstyle

With the start of every season, comes new trends. The birth of new trends leads to a long chain of celebrity wear hype, hype of the said designer wear or jewelry article, promotional campaigns by the local stores and of course, most importantly the online hype across social media platforms. These days, as media is getting vast, the eastern and western designs are getting merged in and being molded into gorgeous masterpieces. Ladies Tops in Pakistan are these days taking dramatic turn in terms of designs and cut since the influence from the west is taking over with there elegant yet dramatic articles. Continue reading

Garnier Body Cocoon Moisturiser- Review


Finding a summer friendly moisturizer is as hard as finding a pearl in a seas shell, these days! I know it because, most of the moisturizers that I love are  either to thick to be considered “summery” or either make me sweat like a walrus in the sun. So, I try and keep mixing and matching face moisturizers, since am a super moisturizer lover.
I want my hand and face to be silky soft, girl! Continue reading

DIY: Fix Broken Makeup Without Alcohol

How to fix broken makeup without alcohol

So a few days back, I got my hands on the Urban Decay “Flushed” blush palette. I couldn’t be anymore happier when I saw it on a local online store site which fortunately enough, delivered to my country!  *PHEW*. I just had gotten my pocket money cheque so I went straight for it and ordered the gorgeous palette. It has a bronzer, a highlighter and a very lovely pinky peach blush.

I was so glad and waiting for Continue reading