Garnier Body Cocoon Moisturiser- Review


Finding a summer friendly moisturizer is as hard as finding a pearl in a seas shell, these days! I know it because, most of the moisturizers that I love are  either to thick to be considered “summery” or either make me sweat like a walrus in the sun. So, I try and keep mixing and matching face moisturizers, since am a super moisturizer lover.
I want my hand and face to be silky soft, girl!

So, this time, I tried on this lil gem here! Garnier Body Cocoon Moisturizer. It costed my around $6.95.
Light weight moisturiser for dry skin

It comes in a very nice dull orange plastic bottle, with a pop open cap. The scent is very light and not pungent at all. The consistency of the lotion is creamy and very light weight. It doesn’t clog pores and glides like butter on the skin. It takes a little pea sized amount of this lotion to cover up all your face.
Best mosituriser for mature skin

It’s smooth and very skin friendly, in case you have sensitive skin. It hydrated very well and keeps the skin nourished for a good 5+ hours. Winter or summer, it works like a charm. It has nutritive fruit oils which replenishes moisture of your skin from within.
Garnier body Cocoon

It’s dermatologically  tested, which means you can slather in on without any doubts.
I found it very effective and well worth the 7 dollars!
It gets absolutely 5/5 ❤︎

What are your fave summer moisturizers? Tell me in the comments below.

Good Luck xx



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