Women’s Tops Collection 2016

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With the start of every season, comes new trends. The birth of new trends leads to a long chain of celebrity wear hype, hype of the said designer wear or jewelry article, promotional campaigns by the local stores and of course, most importantly the online hype across social media platforms. These days, as media is getting vast, the eastern and western designs are getting merged in and being molded into gorgeous masterpieces. Ladies Tops in Pakistan are these days taking dramatic turn in terms of designs and cut since the influence from the west is taking over with there elegant yet dramatic articles.


These days, crop tops, suits and jeans material are back in game. For both formal and casual occasions, celebrities are opting for well tailored suits, low shoulder crop tops and baggy teas as casual fashion statement. Many celebs including Beyonce’, Kristen Stewart and Rosie Huntington were spotted sporting the trend! Even on the runways, models were seen sporting jeans gowns  and crop tops paired with trousers and short skirts.

Graphic tees, oversized shirts and boyfriend shirts are back in game as ever. For casual outing or replacing your PJs for a more fashionable option, printed tees are in the game. They are cute, funky and keep your comfort level high at the same time!
stylish printed tops

In the field of crop tops, ranges go from lace to suede and from fuzzy material to nice fitted material, making you look chic and elegant at the same time. The Kendell squad was seen sporting the trend since coachella.
Kendell jenner style
The variety of crop tops and the trend of Women’s Clothing grew rapidly since after the Kardashian Jenner family sported the trend. Followed and carried by other celebrities and teen fans, the crop tops are still ricking the fashion throne in 2016 with creative variations.

Whats your fave trend so far? Comment down below, ladies!

Good luck xx

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