Be Selfie Ready – 5 Beauty Mistakes To Avoid For A Perfect Selfie

How to take perfect Selfies

Who doesn’t wanna look glowing and gorgeous in those Instagram selfies? We all have our good and bad hair days and even bad skin days but a bad selfie day is outta line! But there are a few common beauty mistakes that you make, unintentionally, that makes your selfie look tired and very #Basic.
Here are a few of them highlighted for you to avoid for the #InstaGood selfie.

1: Lining Your Water Line In Black:

This is a huge No-No when it comes to choosing a color for your water line as black in the water line makes eyes look smaller. Always aim for a softer color to make your eye appear popped open and brighter.
One of my fave liners is the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Mushroom.

2: Skipping Lip Balm:

We all love a good lipstick on our lips when it comes to taking selfies and looking all jazzy and cute. But if we don’t have a lip balm under that luscious lipstick, it’s a huge fail since cameras always pick up the cakey, cracked and chapped lip which should always be avoided for your #InstaGood selfie.
I love the Rosebud Slave by Rosebud Perfume Co. It’s just perfect and very pocket friendly!

3: Not Concealing Your Under Eyes:

Concealers always help to brighten-up the skin tone. No selfie has ever gained a compliment by showing shadow bags under your eyes. If you want to highlight the cheekbones in a selfie, wear a concealer under the eyes. Beauty experts also recommend that you should choose a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone to brighten up the face.
I like to use Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer for the days I pull the pesky all nighters.

4: Not Applying Mascara On Bottom Lashes:

One of the common beauty faux pas we make is applying the mascara only on the top lashes. If you want your eyes to really look good on a selfie, use the mascara on the bottom lashes too. This draws the attention on to your eyes and makes them look intense.
My ultimate choice for mascara is Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara due to it’s pitch black color and longevity.

5: Forgetting Bronzer / Blush:

Your face can easily look washed out if you do nothing to boost the healthy glow of your cheeks. This is where the blush and bronzer come in handy. You can use a bronzer that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone while a pinky-peach blush is ideal for getting a natural and healthy look. This not only intensifies your cheekbone structure but give you an ethereal glow.
I have been eyeing the Benefit Cosmetics Cheekathon Blush and Bronzer Platte for quite a while now and it’s next on the wishlist.

What are your fave selfie hack? Help a sister out down below!

Good Luck x


11 thoughts on “Be Selfie Ready – 5 Beauty Mistakes To Avoid For A Perfect Selfie

  1. Haha! I used to apply mascara to lower lashes, but stopped when I read this article.

    I gave not-applying mascara-to-lower lashes a try, and I saw why the article was right. After that, I no longer apply mascara to lower lashes. I, however, cheat by giving my eyelashes three pumps with the eyelash curler, and it looks just fine. Currently, my go-to mascaras are Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes and their new Hyper Curl mascara. 🙂

    As a Filipina, I am blessed to have skin that doesn’t need bronzer. While I am slightly fair, I can still get away without bronzer. I, however, swear by Revlon’s Photoready Cream Blush in Coral Reef (the colour is a bit strong so I only use a faint smudge to make a soft, peachy glow). I top this up with Body Shop’s Loose Face Powder–although it doesn’t say so in the label at the bottom, it has a translucent finish. Another trick I do is to mix in a few drops of Revlon Photoready Skinlights in Peach Light with my BB cream or foundation. Since my new foundation is luminous, I skip the Skinlights. 🙂

    I know it’s odd, but I play with my makeup the way I play with my paints. I’m having so much fun, so I don’t really care about the end result. 🙂

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