Makeup Brushes Names & Uses


So just when we all like to think  that we have conquered the art of makeup and we are all set to step into the “real world” of makeup, there come the Makeup Brushes! Laughing at us. Moreover, there are so many of them you literally lose the count! Makeup Brushes online are one of the reason I am going broke for buying them all and yet using non because of lack of knowledge about them!

So today I thought, why not help you guys out in order to check off Continue reading


Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco -Review


If you’ve ever been in a hair situation that required your undivided attention in order to keep to luscious lock intact but you’ve been either too busy or way too lazy for it, congratulations! we are in the same boat….. *Slow claps*

For me, specially during my exam season, my hair are on the verge of literally giving up on me! I mean not that my hair are high maintenance or some jazz but whenever you are under stress, you hair and face are the first ones to take affect. Continue reading

DIY : Nail Polish Remover Pot

DIY nail polish remover

We all have had those days when we our glam up to our best but when it comes to wiping away the glam, laziness syndrome is all over onto us! Specially when it come sto glitter nail polish and in general nail polish removing! No one wants to sit up and use a million cotton pads to clean the nail paint neither wanna throw some hard earned money in the salon to get the job done! Continue reading

June Favourites


This one was a long over due blog post but since it was a hectic month and Eid was around the corner, I was pretty busy! So without further ado, Lets get into my June Faves ^_^ Continue reading

10 Fonts For Bloggers & Creatives

10 Fonts For Creatives and Bloggers

It’s been a while since I have been thinking about doing something out of the box for a blog post. I mean, this blog complies beauty, fashion and lifestyle! And doesn’t lifestyle accounts for outside the box? *wink wink*

So, if you follow me on twitter you’d know I’m such a huge fan of fonts! YES!! I love fonts and there’s Continue reading