10 Fonts For Bloggers & Creatives

10 Fonts For Creatives and Bloggers

It’s been a while since I have been thinking about doing something out of the box for a blog post. I mean, this blog complies beauty, fashion and lifestyle! And doesn’t lifestyle accounts for outside the box? *wink wink*

So, if you follow me on twitter you’d know I’m such a huge fan of fonts! YES!! I love fonts and there’s no shame in being a collector. (PS: if you aren’t following me yet, hit me up @heybeautybae and say Hi ^_^ ) I literally have dozens and dozens of them since I like to mix and match. So today I wanted to share a bit of my stash with you guys. *YAY*

10 Fonts For Creatives and Bloggers

Away Font | Bakery | Stella | Chocolate Heart | Worthwhile | Gianluca | Blueshift Stick
                                   | Brusher   Charisma | Chasing Embers |

I really liked putting this post together or may be it was just the joy of helping you guys! Either ways! I hope you liked it. If you guys want me to make it a monthly series thing, let me know in the comments below!

Good Luck x



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