DIY : Nail Polish Remover Pot

DIY nail polish remover

We all have had those days when we our glam up to our best but when it comes to wiping away the glam, laziness syndrome is all over onto us! Specially when it come sto glitter nail polish and in general nail polish removing! No one wants to sit up and use a million cotton pads to clean the nail paint neither wanna throw some hard earned money in the salon to get the job done!

God hsa heard your prayers! Here’s an easy peezey lemon squeezey DIY to make you life easier with just “dip and wipe”. Lets get into it!

You’ll need:

>An Empty container
>A dish washing sponge
>Nail polish remover (with hydrating properties)




Roll up the sponge that is a little bigger then your container and shove it in it.
how to remover glitter nail polish easily


Open up the nail polish remover and pour 3/4 bottle onto the sponge.
best nail polish remover


Congratulations! Now you can put your painted nail into the sponge and with  5 second circular motion, you’ll nail will come out clean as a new born 😀

How cool is that? I hope it takes away your nail worries!

Lemme know how it worked out for you.

Good Luck x


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