Brunch Arrangement While Looking Flawless

how to host a brunchThere are days apart from holidays, when you are really craving a family gathering and whats the best way of a family gathering then hosting a lovely and festive brunch!
But with great power comes great responsibility! When you plan on having a brunch a your plan for a hefty 20 people, you just don’t have to cook delicious food, you also have to look presentable yourself! Continue reading


How To Get A Flawless Fake Tan

How to get a natural tan

Guest Post By Phillippa from Beauty By Phillippa

Summer is most definitely upon us which means it’s time to flash some flesh. If you’re anything like me then the mere thought of it will make you shudder! One thing that I find helps me through the dreaded season however is a bit of colour on my pastey pins. We all know about the dangers of sun exposure so the best way to tan is to fake it. Applying fake tan can be such a chore Continue reading

Mini Haul Ft. Born Pretty Store

born pretty store

With seasonal changes, my mood swings and tiresome study sessions are right at it’s very peak. During all this hectic period, one does need something to hold onto that keeps one going. For me, it has always been shopping nice sophisticated jewellery and good books! Continue reading

Glitter Cut Crease Look For Beginners

Glitter Cut Crease Mkauep

This is a Guest post by Marta fromThis Is Simply Me

After finishing my first makeup course, I started to experiment with makeup much more. My go to look always consisted of a simple eye and statement lip. This time I wanted to go completely out of my comfort zone. Not only I played around with pink eye shadows, Continue reading

Top 3 Home Remedies For Facial Hair Removal

how to get rid of Facial hair at home

Let’s face it! Being a girl is no less of a task in itself. Sure you can look pretty and beautiful, turn a lot of heads but that requires a lot effort! I mean it.. A lot!! You don’t only have to take care of your diet but your skin, your schedule and everything that lies beyond witchcraft! YES! I said witchcraft. And for the moment Continue reading