Glitter Cut Crease Look For Beginners

Glitter Cut Crease Mkauep

This is a Guest post by Marta fromThis Is Simply Me

After finishing my first makeup course, I started to experiment with makeup much more. My go to look always consisted of a simple eye and statement lip. This time I wanted to go completely out of my comfort zone. Not only I played around with pink eye shadows, I even used glitter!

It’s a more simplified version of the famous cut crease that anyone could do. Pair it with any colour eye shadow and a statement eye is done! The key is to blend out the eye shadow and get rid of those harsh lines, so the glitter eyeliner can ‘float‘ on it.

For lips I went with a brown nude colour and it’s definitely my all time favourite and worked well with the look.
Easy Glitter Cut Crease
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