How To Get A Flawless Fake Tan

How to get a natural tan

Guest Post By Phillippa from Beauty By Phillippa

Summer is most definitely upon us which means it’s time to flash some flesh. If you’re anything like me then the mere thought of it will make you shudder! One thing that I find helps me through the dreaded season however is a bit of colour on my pastey pins. We all know about the dangers of sun exposure so the best way to tan is to fake it. Applying fake tan can be such a chore though so I’ve put together some tips and tricks to make bronzing up a little easier.


> Exfoliate:

Obvious right? It’s one of the oldest tricks in tanning, but exfoliating before applying tan is something I’ve often struggled with. Some off the shelf exfoliating products can be quite oily and often they will leave a residue on the skin that can interfere with the tan application. To avoid this go for something oil free, or better yet make your own! I love a DIY exfoliation because it’s much cheaper than buying one and you know there are no nasties on the ingredient list.

To make my pre-tan scrub you will need:

> A generous handful of ground coffee (even instant granules will do)
> A handful of sugar
> A splash of water
> And then either honey or just regular shower gel. If you want to keep the ingredients natural then of course opt for honey rather than shower gel.

How to get a natural tan for dummies

Give the mixture a good mix in a bowl and then scrub all over your body and rinse. The coffee supposedly helps with cellulite too which is an added bonus. I’ll be honest some of the dimples on my thighs can fit a golf ball in them so it’s going to take more than a coating of nescafe to rid me of that, but the scrub makes my skin feel absolutely fantastic and silky smooth afterwards so I will continue to use it. Another thing to note about this scrub is that it should be carried out in the shower. Speaking from experience if you decide to do this in the bath you will end up with coffee granules in places one should never have coffee granules!

> Close the Pores:

Once you’re scrubbed and smooth, rinse off under the shower. Get rid of any residual soap and exfoliator and make sure you’re body is squeaky clean. Just before jumping out of the shower turn the temperature down and close all of those open pores. This sounds silly but have you ever noticed the chicken skin effect you can sometimes get on your legs after fake tanning? That’s from the colour sinking in to open pores and clogging them. Closing the pores will keep your tan looking natural.

> Moisturize:

Ideally you’ll moisturize before the day before so the skin isn’t dry. On the day of tanning try not to moisturize as it will act as a barrier to the tanning product. You can apply moisturizer to elbows, knees and hairline just before applying your fake tan as this will stop too much product from being absorbed and keep you tan looking realistic. Another good tip is to apply plenty of moisturizer to your finger nails to prevent stained cuticles, a huge fake tan give away sign! I like to us Soap and Glory smoothie star body milk because it smells fantastic and isn’t too heavy.

best moisturizer for tanning

> Apply the tan:

Now it’s finally time to apply the product, I prefer to use a mousse or a cream as I find it’s less messy than a spray. My current favorite is the beyond bronze by fake bake, it’s a mousse so super quick and the colour isn’t too orange or green. For the actual application I urge you all to use a tanning mitt or gloves. If you don’t have a mitt then a cheap sponge from the local supermarket will work just as well, apply the product directly to the sponge and then rub onto the skin to achieve a smooth and even finish. You can also buy tanning brushes, for the face I like to use the real techniques buffing brush. It has synthetic bristles so they don’t soak up your tanning product and you get a beautiful even finish. Whatever you decide to use just don’t use your hands, even if the product claims not to stain it will, and nobody wants orange palms!!

fake tan hacks


> Maintain the tan:

Once you’ve applied the tan and let it develop (I prefer to do this overnight so you don’t have to face the day smelling of curried biscuits) you want to try and keep your new colour for as long as possible. The key to keeping your tan is moisture, moisture, moisture. Keep that skin hydrated and your tan will last a lot longer. I also like to use the Sally Hansen Airbrush legs to keep my fake tan looking perfect. It is “leg makeup” spray, it sounds quite scary but it’s surprisingly easy to use. Spray over any areas that are starting to look patchy and it will give you a beautiful, even, golden glow.

best fake tan ever

And there you have it! Follow these easy steps and you should achieve a flawless looking tan that no one will know is fake. Thanks for reading everyone, and enjoy the summer!


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