Brunch Arrangement While Looking Flawless

how to host a brunchThere are days apart from holidays, when you are really craving a family gathering and whats the best way of a family gathering then hosting a lovely and festive brunch!
But with great power comes great responsibility! When you plan on having a brunch a your plan for a hefty 20 people, you just don’t have to cook delicious food, you also have to look presentable yourself!
In our house, My mum takes is the cooking in charge, while I take the charge for the self presentability task. So today, here are my top 5 tips for how you can host a great brunch without losing that glow.

1: The Invitations Rush:

For Yourself: Get a quick Mani/ pedi and a voluminizing hair wash at your fave spa. That will make you feel like a million bucks!

For Brunch: Always plan your brunch at least 2 days ahead so you can have a day at least to give out invitations. For a pocket friendly option try using <a Paperless Post. The have the most convenient service and a ton of designs from which you can choose.

2: Cutlery On Point:

For Yourself: Take out your jewellery and check if it’s fine to wear for the brunch. If not, give it a quick rinse in the water and soda bi-carb mix and scrub with a tooth brush. Dry thoroughly with a soft towel (Works for artificial, gold and silver)
For Pearl jewellery, Use a soft cloth instead of toothbrush with the same mix.

For Brunch: Make sure all the cutlery that you’ll be needing for your brunch is available and placed somewhere close by so you don’t have to go through extra stress.

3: The Night Before:

For Yourself: Give yourself some TLC. Apply a nice cleanser, a hydrating mask and end with the massage of a light facial oil or a moisturizer. Try a DIY glow Mask.
My Recommendation: Ponds Cleanser, Skin18 sheet mask and Vaseline moisturizer
My Mum’s recommendation: Sheisedo Wrinkle smoothing Set, Rahassoul Clay Mask, Josie Maran Argon Oil.

For Brunch: Make all the filings and dips, move them to the fridge. For pies, knead the dough, wrap in a cling film and toss it in the fridge. For salads, Cut all the veggies, put them in a zip lock bag, blow on them, seal and refrigerate. From the blow, the veggies will accumulate carbon dioxide which will keep the veggies crunchy and fresh.
lemon-and-sugar scrub

4: Boast The Roast:

For Yourself: Take a nice shower, take out your ironed clothes from your, pick out the pre-shined jewellery, curl your hair, pick out your shoes. Lay everything on your bed so that nothing gets left out or in case, lost during the rush hour.

For Brunch: No family gathering is complete with out a good roast, am I right? Prep your roast first thing in the morning and toss it in the oven. Along with that being cooking, take out those per-preped food from the fridge and start assembling wonders!

5: Set The Table And Welcome:

For Yourself: Not that everything is done, wear that dress, put on some makeup, flip those hair and pop on your heels Voila! You look like Kate Middleton already!

For Brunch: Set the cutlery on the table with the a helping hand from your siblings/kids, put flowers and napkins, arrange all the food on the well set table and DONE! Now go on, open the doors and welcome your family with you million dollar smile.

Be ready to receive heaps of compliments! ❤

Good luck x


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