Organic Soap Review- Ft. Yellow Berry

organic skincare

The best part about skincare is that it keeps on evolving. With every passing day, a new and less harmful way of skincare is being bought into the spot light.
I have never been a fan of organic soaps, before I got my hands on this bad boy here form Yellow Berry. They were kind enough to send me one of their soaps. The one that I got is the “Jasmine and Sandalwood Soap” for normal skin. There range has soaps for every skin type so that a plus right there!
organic soaps for dry skin


From the packaging, it’s very sturdy. Comes in a prim yellow package, with a well wrapped soap inside.


It lathers very rich, to my surprise. The foam is nice and smooth and forms a nice lather very quick.


The scent was the only thing that ticked me off a little bit, since I was expecting a lavish sandalwood scent or something near to that route, but it smells like plain bees wax. No scent at all.
organic skincare regimn


It left my skin very supple and supper smooth after I washed my face with it. With really a well balanced pH, the soap doesn’t dry your skin at all!


I give it 4/5 stars!

And if the scent doesn’t seem like an issue to you, it’s highly recommended. Also, it’s pocket friendly too, so you won’t go bankrupt any time soon! Ha ha!

Have you tried any organic soaps yet? Which one is your fave? Comment below 🙂

Good Luck x



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