Chic & Cute Picks Of The Month


With autumn almost around the corner, it’s about time to start the shopping spree trips. And for those of my readers, who are celebrating Eid, Eid mubarik to you guys! *Hugs*
And since I had to shop for two occasions i-e Eid and Autumn, ans also, college is about to start so I had to take a hold of myself and shop some cute, chic and stylish pieces to savor all occasions and college days with utter relaxation, beauty can hectic you know!

So without further ado, let’s get into my recent picks!

Lacey Clutch From New Look:

I am obsessed with clutches and purses with chains! I can’t begin to describe how much I love collecting purses, bags, clutches and everything girly yet elegant!
This clutch was on their website and as soon as I saw it, I went GA-GA. Though it was a bit over the “pocket friendly” range but hey! we aren’t here to judge, right?

Glasses From Born Pretty Store:

These glasses, you guys!! Since the beginning of college, I wanted these cool nerdy frame but my mum thought my face was too small for it *sighs* so I let it g, but soon as I saw them on the website in leopard print, I couldn’t resist and BAM! I bought them.
The other ones is the brow bar glasses that have been so much in the trend lately. With the white and gold contrast embellishment, it was made for me!!

Vintage Gold Statesmen Necklace From Etsy:

I got this as a present basically from my uncle. But just look at it!! Isn’t it a beauty?
The metallic gold penny design has a very vintage x boho look to it, which makes it perfect for Eid so YAY!!

Princess Stack Ring From Born Pretty Store:

Let’s admit it, who doesn’t want a crown in real life? We all are royal but since fashion police is a bit on the choosy side, we have to weight options. So for this problem, BPS had a solution and I saw this very sophisticated crown Princess ring on their site. And just with a bat of a lash, I put it in my cart!

Boho Midi Ring Set From Forever 21:

Midi rings are very much the highlight of all outfits lately but I ever bought one for some weird reason. But after this this ring set, I changed my mind. It had black, gold and rusty shades which made them look very versatile henceforth, I loved them!

Elephant Ear studs From Born Pretty Store:

Take a moment and soak in the cuteness of these cutie patootie ear studs. I have always loved me some lovely looking ear studs and these elephant shaped ear studs were just the perfect addition to my collection!

Oh! Also, You can get a hefty 10% you order from Born Pretty Store, if you use my code “ZADT10”


You’re Welcome!

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