Winter Wardrobe Essentials For Every Budget


With autumn just around the bend, it’s about time for all us ladies out there to get into the October spirit and show those knitted jumpers and wine colored lippies! But as nifty and stylish that sounds, it can be super heavy on the pocket specially if you are a student or even someone who just started your new job.

There are certain items ever woman’s wardrobe should have. After all, the ability to stylishly mix and match anything in your wardrobe is a sign that you are a fashion queen bent on global admiration and domination. And amongst all that, keeping it pocket friendly is the ultimate goal. So today, I will show you how you can make something cheap look super expensive and look like someone straight out of the vogue cover.

1: Chunky Knitted Jumper:

knitted sweaters

If you don’t own one of these, you haven’t been taking October seriously! If you live in The UK or States, try your local charity shop or thrift store for some sick deals on these bad boys. or you can buy winter clothes in Pakistan or any other golf country from the local street markets!

2: Statement Vintage Necklace:


The part about winter clothing is getting to rock some dull metallic colored, vintage necklace. They are now available literally everywhere for a nominal price and look hella rad!

3:Fuzzy socks:


Who doesn’t like the cozy, fuzzy socks? They might not be a god match for a sophisticated look but they can be the top priority for causal home get together or girly sleepovers!

4: Faux Fur Gloves:


My most fave piece of the winter wardrobe essentials is the Faux fur gloves! They look expensive, sophisticated and they can be available in online stores at an amazingly low price!

5: Matte Nails and Bold Lips:

This is the most important part of the winter essentials! And these days, drugstore brands like NYX, LA Girl and any more are coming up with matte liquid lippies while others have matte top coats that make any nail enamel matte. So you won’t go broke now and look like a snow diva!

What’s you winter essential?




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