Tastiest Healthy Snacks Ft. Abakus Foods

img_7331Let’s face it, who doesn’t like snacking? we all do, of course! but in the era when everyone is trying to look their best, buying crop tops to flaunt and those skinny jeans being on sale for winter is almost here, snacking on random food can be a bit risky. Not that I want you to stop eating M&Ms and those peanut butter cups and caramel drizzled popcorn… (OMG!) but we all gotta look like Beyonce’! WHO RUNS THE WORLD?

Good News, ladies! It’s not as difficult as it seems! These days, we have a whole variety of healthy yet tasty snacks. YAY!!
I recently came across Abakus Foods Healthy snack range. They reached out to me and I couldn’t turn them down since the snacks looked so delectable. They have toated hickory nuts, jujube fruit, jujube crisps and on the top of that Jujube powder that can be a great substitute for sugar of even hot coco for once (Or may be put some in the hot coco!!)

They sent me the jujube fruit range that included:
1: Pitted Jujube Dates
2: Jujube Chips
3: Jujube Fruit powder
These jujube fruits are not only a super tasty snack but they alos have medicinal properties. They are used in the Chinese medicine for sedative properties in treating insomnia, depression and anxiety issues.

Since I am a sugar lover, I didn’t really like the Jujube powder as a separate drink, but I think most of you will like it, if you love the pumpkin spice Latte.
Do you have a fave healthy snack?


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