Popular Winter Apparel for Ladies


When it comes to counting blessings, I count winter twice since it’s my favorite month of the year. I just love the falling snow, making snow angels, drinking hot coco with marshmallows and the best part is the fashion of the season! Ah! I just love winter fashion apparels and accessories. Layering the bracelets, the classy double breasted pea coats, Ladies Shrugs,  bold lips with matte nails..What’s not to love?

I just love how all this unfolds in a series and vast array of fashionable encounter till the very end.
So, today I thought to share a piece of my mind on how I love to style my winter apparel and also what pieces I love the most.

1: Long Vest Coats:

Since the rise of the very famous Alexandra Mc Queen famous long vest coats, they have been in and out the trend lines but they do keep a pretty maintained pace. I just love the way they can be styled with almost any jumper or even shirt without making you look outta fashion!


2: Faux Fur Jumper:

The faux fur is been my, by far the most fave thing to happen in fashion industry. I love the feel of fur and the coy material, combine them together, BOOM! Ultimate fashion. Pair them with your fave white pants and pumps for the IT girl look!

3: High Suede Heeled Boots:

Who wouldn’t want to look like the kardashions/jenners for once in their life? Since they introduced the high boot heels in their wardrobes, the world is going Ga-Ga over them, and why not? They are utter perfection. Can be paired with almost everything.

4: Double Breasted Pea coats:

Ladies Winter Coats are one of the thing that I actually wait for all winter since I have around a dozen of them, in multiple shades. They can be paired with some nice skinny jeans and sneakers with a high pony maybe, and you are good to go!

What’s your fave trend?


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