Picks Of The Month

cute-stationary-for-back-to-schoolThe past month has been so hectic guys! From the arrival of early autumn to the school admissions, it’s been a long ride. But can you believe the month has flown away? Good for me since I live for winter and autumn, these two my all-time favorite seasons. So, the past month, I came across some very cool pieces of accessories, stationary, shoes, bags, people, music and what not! And obviously, I wanted to share them with you guys!

So here are my top picks of the month.

1: Earrings from Born Pretty Store

Just have a moment to soak in the shining goodness of this very piece. The moment I saw these beauties on  Born Pretty Store, I fell in love and had to get them. The color contrast of these chic earrings is very exuberant yet elegant, which makes it my autumn fave.

2: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowel

Books  and especially good books have been such an attraction for been since as far as I can remember. If you follow me on instagram (@heybeautybae), you will know that I got this book like a month ago and now that I’ve read it, I had to make it a part of my post. It was the subtle connecting book between the lines of being an introvert and yet expressive. Definitely a recommended read for all my book worms out there, like myself!

3: Woven Fingerless Gloves from Etsy

The first word that comes to my mind after looking at these were “ADORABLE”. The are black yet they are cute, they are knitted with the finest wool and look like something royalty will wear on a cold evening. The oversized glasses are from Born Pretty store as well! Aren’t they hot?

4: Cute Stationary pieces  from Born Pretty Store

Who doesn’t love cute stationary? C’mon!  There is something to cute stationary that pulls me in. While surfing for some stationary articles I came across these cute as heck pieces. The lovely animal sticky note booklet and this very practical yet cute wheel of highlighter– These two pieces went straight to the cart right after they entered the premises of my sight.
cute korean stationary

5:Tomato Yogurt Pack From Skin 18

When it comes to skincare, am on heck of a choosy human, but this tomato yogurt pack from is the next level Korean beauty product. It’s very hydrating and plumps up my skin in  a jiffy! Very much recommended.

Also, You can get a 10% off your order on Born pretty store, by using my code ZADT10

What are your fave pieces?


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