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gloria-jeans Hi guys!

Recently, I made a trip to the most hyped and ‘state-of-the-art’ place on Planet Peshawar.
My daughter wanted to sneak out after school with me.. to some cool coffee place . So we headed for Gloria Jean’s which recently opened in Peshawar in FnF Plaza on University road.

There was a beautiful set-up of Baskin Robin , Turkish Doner and Gloria Jean’s outlets … with a lavish array of colorful chairs and tables , scattered to seat people around comfortably.
We took a seat and asked for Gloria’s menu. They had a variety of ‘chillers’ and ‘coffees’ and snacks including sandwiches, cake slices, and pastries as well.

My daughter ordered one *Creme Bruleé* and a *Molten lava* … Then we went on try Turkish cuisine and ordered *Iskender chicken* meal with fries and drink. Which consisted thin slices of chicken tossed and dipped in their special iskender sauce, placed on top sliced bread, all drenched in the very tasty sauce and spices. After 10 minute of placing the order, a piping hot and mouth-watering platter was placed on my table. I never had a tastier experience in Peshawar before. I can’t praise enough!
SERVICE: 10/10

PRICING: Not very budget friendly but worth every penny!
*Cremé Brulé + Molten Lava > Rs.575
*Iskender Chicken Meal > Rs.690

It was overall, an exuberant and heartily experience

And to top it all off, I had a huge Cotton Candy. Freshly made in front of me!
Yes! They also have a Cotton Candy machine by Tutti-frutti…

***GUEST POST BY: Hira Nazir


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