The Best Pressed Glitters Ever!! Under $12


So we all have been under the Instagram spell of glitz and glam for quite a while now. But as the time is passing holographic pieces of makeup as well as glittery eyes are taking over the internet. And of course being beauty influencers, we have a prior duty towards you guys to try and fish out the best deals and products!

Many awesome brands like coloured Raine,opv, wet and wild, etc are coming up with so many absolutely gorgeous looking glitter eye shadow that all the makeup gurus are fawning over but keeping it under a budget and looking like a glitter doll can be difficult. But one of the local company in Pakistan named “” has solved the problem and came up with such amazing pressed glitter eye shadows that are to die for!
Wanna have a look? Let’s dive into it!


So each of these pots cost about 250 rupees with delivery (which is 2 dollars) nut a set of 12 glitter pots cost 1250 rupees that is even less then 12 Dollars! Insane right?


The pigmentation is spot on, with a mild scent which isn’t pungent at all. They don’t budge even without a primer (but I would recommend a primer/ sealant if you are on a night out), the consistency is really nice and not very chunky which makes them feel very light weight on the skin!

The pots are pretty reliable and break proof hence forth they are travel friendly and definitely “HeyBeautyBae” approved! Prim and proper 5 stars!

You can get the palette or separate pots from their Facebook page which is or check out their Instagram which is @reasonablez.com123


*product sent in exchange for an honest opinion.



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