Best Cushion BB cream- Review


We live in an era where flawless skin is the literal standard of beauty. Not that inner beauty doesn’t count but let’ be real, we all want to look at our selfies and go “Damn girl!”.
Keeping in mind that not all of us are good at makeup, beauty field went a step ahead and came up with this genius thing called BB cream but every product has it’s drawbacks. And the the savior came, the ultimate cushion BB creams and foundations.

On a hunt of the best cushion BB cream out there we found this one by Bynanda that I got form “Born pretty store”. After using this,my concept on Cushion BB creams is changed forever. And it costs only $5.10.

The coverage is buildable from medium to heavy but the feel remains silky and smooth. It feels like a part of your skin and doesn’t smudge when set with powder for a good 6-8 hours. It has a Slight floral scent to it and comes in 3 different shades as per your skin.Mine’s the lightest shades since am super pale.

I would definitely recommend it. For merely $5you are gonna have a flawless base like professional makeup artists do!
Also, you can get 10% off your order if you use  my code ZADT10.
And free shipping! YAY….


What are your thoughts on Cushion BB cream?Let me know!



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