Cute & Chic Picks of the Month

So, another month almost passed by and left us all with some super cool articles and items to show off and many memories to share. As per me,study is kicking arse, not that am not thankful but hey! we all do get tired and stressed out. I just hope you all beautiful people had a wonderful month and sending you loads of hugs!

Alright, so now that the absentee guilt is out of the way, today am sharing my fave pieces that I recently got from Born Pretty Store and Stylo.Shout out to born pretty store for having such a huge variety of gorgeous articles that makes me wanna keep showing off!
Wanna know what I am loving this month, then let’s dive in!

1: Retro Ethnic Turquoise Choker:
I got this very boho chic x ethnic metallic choker from born pretty store. I have been lately seeing the choker trend shift more towards the metallic side so this piece was absolutely perfect. You can rock it with you casual outfit or even wear it with a lehenga choli!

2: Multi Colored Thread Embellished Flats:
Call me crazy but I absolutely love color! Anything an everything colorful with gold accents is absolutely my thing. And since boho flats in the game these days,these flats from Stylo were irresistible!

3: Gold Bird Pearl Earrings:
Pearl just speak to me! I mean, why would someone hate pearls anyway? They are lovely and fancy. And then you cross them with a golden metallic bird, there you have it! Ear studs that are worth a vogue photo shoot!

4: Best Friends Pendant Necklace:
Okay now the write up on this specific piece might be controversial but how adorable it it? I had my best friend’s birthday coming up and just to add that extra omph, what could be better then a Silver plated, split heart necklace?
PS: she loved it ❤

5: Owl Accent Flats:
These beauties were sent to me by Stratford Street Shoes by Mariam Rehman. The girl is a sweetheart and the variety she has…. whooop! These flats can be worn traditionally with shalwar qameez or style them with those jean,either ways you will look fine as heck!

Oh! and did I tell you,you can get a 10% OFF your Born Pretty Store order by using the code “ZADT10“.
You’re Welcome x
Born pretty Dicount code

Which one was your fave article from the picks?




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