Easy Day to Night look Transformation!

afforadabe drugstore makeup


In the recent times Revolution Make Up has made a HUGE impact among bloggers and make up artists alike. A fabulously affordable make up brand with lots of positives.
Today I am sharing with you my favorite buy so far. So please put your hands together and applause the Make Up Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 2. This palette boasts 12 earthy shades, ranging from gorgeous sheer mattes to a shiny metallics. Each different shade is super pigmented and really build able. I always find when you can layer intensities in color you actually end up with about 5 different shades of one color which is really beneficial when purchasing

affordable eye shadow palettes.


If, like me, you really love browns and neutral tones this is the palette for you! Here I am showing you how my trusty palette takes me from a casual everyday eye, to a sultry shadow for the evening. I have numbered the shades manually as they don’t come with names ( BooHoo)

No makeup makeup look for mature skin

In the first picture you can see that I have highlighted the brow bone shade 1 and then as an all over lid color I opted for light almost Mink brown shade 5. This is my go to day look. I find that shade 5 really brings the blue in my eyes out and is a dash of demure color without being over bearing.

Using the same palette again I am able to create an evening look also. So when it comes to the evening, I layer the shadows, this is because they are so build able that I am able to layer them without having to take my original make up off. This is super convenient if you have popped the palette in your bag or after work.

Easy smokey eye

To go to the evening look, I used shade 3. Now shade 3 is a almost shimmery highlight shade so it works perfectly in the places the light would hit. You can also dust a little over the nose and cheek bones without having to pack and second product, for example a highlighter. Therefore you save space and time. To create the smoky effect I went in on the full lid with shade 11, it’s an almost chocolate color with a slight shimmer. It just adds a little more contrast against the eye color. To finish I used shade 12 which is a black, I used it on the outer edge of my eyes to create dimension. I then ran a small amount of shade 12 along my bottom lash line.

Smokey eye for mature people

There you have it 1 palette that can take your DAY look to NIGHT. I would seriously recommend taking the time to test and play with any palette. I am guilty of carrying far too much make up around with me usually. Now I only need the one palette and it carries me through the dullest of days to the biggest party nights.


Kimberley Harper from Forever Kimberley

You can find her at:

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