Naveed Nawaz Textiles Lawn Collection 2017

We are are not very happy because summers are passed by but seeing all the vibrant colors of spring and patterns of those lawn collection launches is making us go Ga Ga over the arrival of summer. Might not have the summer bodies ready though but seeing the  new Naveed Nawaz Lawn 2017 being launched is one of the highlights of summer. Among the very expensive brands like Sapphire, Maria B and  J dot, the Naveed Nawaz lawn collection is very affordable and the patterns are beyond beautiful. I can definitely see myself going and grabbing them off shelf whenever convenient because the prices are unreal!

Not long ago, Star Classic Lawn 2017 also came out that is just as pretty as any other designer brand. The basic lawn suit ranges from 1700 upto 5000 which is a very reasonable bargain keeping in mind the quality of the stuff. The colors are vibrant, the patterns are very attractive because they are a mix of Aztec tribal prints and floral block prints. They are available nationwide in many online stores ad well as from your trusted local shops. You are specially in luck if you are a bit short of money as a student or just being economic.

Lawn Collection 2017 has left us all lawn loving creatures in awe and appreciation. And with the rise of textile lawn industries and local brands with coming forward with such great potential and creativity, now the fancy lawn can be worn by anyone and everyone. Seeing the great zeal and enthusiasm, 2017 is definitely going to be a very jolly year for all the lawn lovers.

Which collection are you gonna bu this summer?



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