REVIEW: Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks – Doll Parts

jeffree star

Who doesn’t love a matte and popping pout? Summers are slowly creeping in the winter veil and spring is on full blow. Isn’t it a great weather to be breathing in? But with great weather comes great responsibility.. responsibility to look gorgeous on that upcoming spring wedding or your best friend’s baby shower. Since pink is the vibe we all look for, I tried the very hyped Jeffree Star velour Liquid lipstick in the shade”doll parts” to pay tribute to the season of flowers!
Jeffree star doll partsThis bottle of liquid gorgeousness retails for $18 but if you live in Pakistan, you have to pay a bit over the actual price tag.Mine retailed for 2400PKR. Which I don’t mind since you are not only paying for the product but the name as well and who doesn’t love Jeffree Star’s insane makeup skills?
The lipstick has a very smooth texture whilst application. The applicator is classic dome shaped with a clear glass wand and a lock in the cap to ensure secure closure of the cap. It dried to absolute matte but doesn’t crack your lips which is a plus. As per the shade, it’s a very beautiful dusky pink color with a solid base opacity. Perfect for spring!
best liquid lipstick

I would definitely recommend the lipstick. it’s well worth the price and the color pay off is off the bat, amazing! Lasts for quite a long period so another point for Jeffree here!

Have you tried any Jeffree Star lippie yet?


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