$2 Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter Dupe?

becca champagne pop dupe

When it comes to following trends and keeping up with pace of glamour evolution, one of the most significant trend, yet to uphold the crown is highlighters. Yes! from just a dab on your nose tip to full on strobing, the highlighting trend never stopped popping.

Becca is considered on of the most preferred bran among the highlighting squads. The most iconic shade being champagne pop, which is a very beautiful, warm, almost melted golden shade. But the price is kinda off the pocket friendly limits if you are new to the highlighting game! So to end the vows, I found this uber gorgeous highlighter from Reasonablez.com, which is the ditto dupe to Becca Champagne pop.
reasonablez highlighte

And the best part? It’s under $2!!! Reasonablez.com has a range of these creamy highlighters. 6 absolutely stunning shades which I will reviewing soon. As per this one, it’s a creamy highlighter with really cool blending properties and doesn’t accentuates pores, making sure you have the heavenly glow without looking like you have too much make up on.
best highlighte under $5

I recommend using it with you fingers for a more precise application or use a Real techniques bush for an airbrush finish. Can be used as a cream base shadow as well, so it’s a win win.
I give it an absolute 10/10
If you would like to buy the product for yourself, the link to their fb page is mentioned below.




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