Broke Girl’s Guide To Glowing Skin

glowing skinIf there is one thing certain in the beauty world, that’s for sure the cost of beauty! We all have grown hearing it from everyone, “Being pretty is expensive” or “Beauty comes with a price”. While being on the page,inner beauty sure does matter but the flawless canvas you want needs a bit of an effort, mostly done by your wallet.

But what if you a college student and broke? or just broke because you love food much more than anything? You are in luck,ladies! I present to you the ultimate guide to glowing skin for broke girls a.k.a all of us!

detox water for belly fat

As said since the birth of eve, beauty comes form within. Let your body flush the toxins and detox using homemade detox waters. It will not only bring out the natural glow of your skin but also air in weight loss and the biggest plus, costs a fraction of your money!


ice facial

You heard it right ladies! Ice facials are one of most cheapest and convenient Japanese trick to close your pores, tighten your skin and bring out the glow. Rub an ice cub in circular motions on you skin every night after your regimen.It will enhance circulation and you’ll wake up feeling like a queen.


yoga for flawless skin

Yoga has been always on of the most convenient forms of meditation. Either it be your skin or  body, Yoga has been proved to help. Particularly Inversion yoga is the way to go if you want the plump skin. Inversion yoga focuses on getting blood flow to your head,hence forth giving you skin the glow it’s been lacking. 15 minutes of inversion yoga a day can help you achieve some awesome results!


food facial

All the veggies that you hated as a kid, it’s time to devour them! Carrots, apple, oranges, cucumber, broccoli and many other greens are meant to increase the blood cells and enhancing the circulation of blood to your skin, resulting in a flawless canvas!


how much sleep do you need for healthy skin

The easiest of all and our personal fave, the beauty sleep! You don’t need the 8 hour sleep because we know how college works! But 6 hours a day with a nap in the mid day is what you need to get rid of the raccoon eyes and puffy face.

Images source: Pexels

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