5 Essential Tips To Smoother Underarms

smooth underarms
So finally… summers are officially here! For eastern countries including mine, summers can be a little too hot for a pleasant stroll on the beach. Which calls for those gorgeous sleeveless dress that you bought or the pretty blue sleeveless kimono, but what about the underarms? We all are a little insecure about them and specially if you have a olive toned to medium tones skin specially, then you are more prone to dark patches

But we got you covered! With these tips and proper care, you will be able to keep the pesky dark patches and ingrown hair at bay for a silky and smooth underarm experience with no insecurities to explore that amazing sleeveless wardrobe.

Always keep a moisturizer on hand. I can’t emphasize enough on this because just like your facial skin, underarms have sensitive skin and lack of moisture can cause flaky skin that might lead to ingrown hairs!
Try using Vaseline body lotion.

Shave in the Correct Direction:
To avoid ingrown hair, always shave in the direction of your hair for your underarms.It will not only make your skin much smoother but also keep dark patches at bay.

This is the most important step to achieve the smooth underarms, that you’ve always wanted. Gentle exfoliation will help to loosen the previous ingrown hair as well as remove dead skin, leaving your underarms as smooth as a baby’s bottom!
We recommend bath and body works exfoliation scrubs and those from Hollywood style.

Avoid Perfumes Right After Shaving:
The number one culprit for dark patches is the instant use of perfume, post shaving. Use a roll on brightening deodorant instead.We recommend Nivea.

Choose the Right Razor:
That’s simple math! Know your hair needs and spend and buy accordingly. For thin hair or first timers, try a single blade with a comb. We recommend BIC. While for a coarser mane, go for a triple blade. We recommend Gillette Venus.

What are your secrets to achieve the desired results?



6 thoughts on “5 Essential Tips To Smoother Underarms

  1. These tips are on point! I noticed such a difference after incorporating these into my routine and I definitely feel when I don’t do these how the situation is getting worse. My biggest surprise was the razor. I didn’t think it would make any difference cause – razor, blades, it’s all the same. But no 🙂

    xo Honey – blog Royal Lifestyle – Twitter – Instagram


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