2 Times Mask? Vita-White Mask Review

Anti aging mask

Finally after a long hectic road down the alley of exams and stress, am back to the blog. Am sorry for being MIA guys! But life outside WordPress is a mess!

So,  during the period of disappearance, I received quite a few PR packages and mails. One of the packages was from Skin18.com. It’s an anti aging, hydrating mask from White cat called Vita- White 2 Times Mask. Comes in a very nice packaging and looks pretty promising. I was really excited to try it, keeping in mind the “2 times” written on the mask which basically means it’s twice as powerful! WHOOP!!

So, i made my sister try it because she was in sheer need of a skin pampering session. The mask takes 15- 20 minutes to take proper affect. Inside the pack there was a super soaked sheet mask with a semi citrus scent and loads of serum.

The results weren’t magical but her skin was very well hydrated afterwards. The complexion felt comparatively brighter as well but no difference in the under eye area. I patted the serum afterwards in her skin, as directed on the packet.

I’ll rate is>> 3.5/5

Which Korean mask is your favorite?


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