5 Weight Loss Hacks That ACTUALLY work- Lazy girl Edition

howto lose belly fat eaisly

I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that I wanna loss weight but don’t wanna neglect that piece of cheesy pizza! *AMEN LADIES*
So, after some research and trying as testing out all possible ways to shed some pounds without basically moving a muscles, I came up with the top 5 hacks for you guys, that will get you in shape in the sneakiest and laziest way possible…. HOW AMAZING IS IT?

1: Switch Up Soda With Lemon Water:

detox water for belly fatThat’s the Easiest trick in the books. Soda might be a good choice once a week or so but for the rest of the days, have a chilled lemonade. That’ll flush your toxins right out your guts and you won’t even know!

2: Fruits For Snacks:

food facialCouldn’t be said in any simpler words. Fruits are delicious, healthy and such an amazing alternative for the regular pack of chips that make you feel guilty for eating it. Dip it in peanut butter once in a while if you like, and the rest is cool!

3: Spike Your Hot Beverage with Cinnamon:

This is my most favorite trick for shedding those pounds without even knowing. Add a dash of  cinnamon to your green tea or herbal tea before going to bed. It’s very exotic tasting and helps you loose weight while you sleep.

4: A Glass of Water Before You Eat:

Be it a proper meal or a snack, have a glass of water before it and you’ll be amazed at the results in a few weeks. Your body will thank you later and your skin is gonna glow like a 240 watt bulb. Win win, ladies!

5: Sleep Like A Diva:

how much sleep do you need for healthy skinIsn’t this the best hack ever? Sleeping for 6-8 hours a day helps you loose weight and keeps your brain activity in check as well by producing endorphins along with neurotransmitters. That’s why we love naps, don’t we?

Which tricks do you have up your sleeve? Share away!


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