Basic Korean Skincare Routine- ON A BUDGET


Welcome new year 2K18. *confetti bombs*

What’s better than to start new year with an amazing new skin, as soft as a baby’s butt without breaking your bank!
From past decades, Korean skincare has been the epitome of glowing skin. But it can be hectic for some people or might be expensive af! But beauty has  a price, peeps!

But today, i thought why not break it down for you in 7 easy steps with some amazing products which won’t break your bank and make your skin look like million dollars.

1: Cleanse

The base to a flawless skin is a clean canvas. Korean skincare regimen prefers double cleanse. I recommend Tarte Rain forest of the sea Cleanser.

2: Exfoliate

Scrub it all away once your pores are opened up by the cleansing. I recommend Hollywood style Mint and oatmeal scrub.

3: Tone:

Now it’s time to get the coloration under control. My fave is the one from Leegeeham Hyal B5 toner. Has a mild formula and works like a charm for dry skin and amazing for winters as well.20180101_115405-01.jpeg

4: Serum

For serum I prefer you either go organic and use 24K gold serum by Spa In A Bottle or Purito vit C serum.For mature skin, try Elizabeth Arden ceramide capsules.20171103_164023-01.jpeg

5: Sheet Mask

My ultimately fave part of the whole routine is the sheet mask. My all time fave is this Dermal pearl collagen essence mask sent to me by Skin18. Also comes in hyaluronic acid formulation, for mature skin.20170817_153316-01.jpeg

6:  Eye Cream

I recommend using a natural oil based product if you’re under 30 like a mix of coconut oil and almond oil while for mature skin go for RoC under eye cream

7: Moisturize

Lastly, slather on your fave moisturizer and sleep like a baby. I recommend Tarte rain forest of the sea range.Tarte Rainforest of the sea hydration boost

What are your beauty secrets?




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