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gloria-jeans Hi guys!

Recently, I made a trip to the most hyped and ‘state-of-the-art’ place on Planet Peshawar.
My daughter wanted to sneak out after school with me.. to some cool coffee place . So we headed for Gloria Jean’s which recently opened in Peshawar in FnF Plaza on University road.

There was a beautiful set-up of Baskin Robin , Turkish Doner and Gloria Jean’s outlets … with a lavish array of colorful chairs and tables , scattered to seat people around comfortably. Continue reading


#GlamorousEtoiles Giveaway

You guys might wanna check this giveaway ^_^

Glamorous Etoiles


Hello Everyone

I just wanted to Thank you all for showing my little blog so much encouragement and support😘!

I have cross 300 followers! So I just wanted to do a mini celebration 🎉✨, I will be having my very first giveaway ! 😘

Here’s what the lucky winner will be getting!


  1. MakeUp Revolution – Lip Gloss Natural Pink
  2. MakeUp Revolution – Lipstick – Pink
  3. W7- Lip Paint – Perfection
  4. Lashes – Lubna Rafiq
  5. Fashion Jewellery – Necklace

All you have to do to win these lovely goodies is :

  1.  Like & Reblog this post and follow my blog here on WordPress
  2. Follow me on Twitter bindasscherry
  3. Follow me on Instagram glamorousetoiles

That’s it ladies easy peazy!

One winner  will be chosen at random at the end of this month and I will post their name on my blog, instagram and Twitter.

Best of luck to all of you and once again…

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A Thank You Note To Blogging Chums


I still remember the day, exactly a month ago from now when I had a very crazy idea to step in the blogging world. I had fears, I was nervous and honestly I thought I won’t even blend in because there are millions of blogger that are so much better then me. I had fears of being one lone wolfie, wandering in the blogging fields, with no friends to relay on. But to the crazy extent of my amazement Continue reading

Liebster Award. I Won..Yay!!!

So yesterday while I was studying biology, my phone’s screen glowed, showing a twitter notification pop up. I didn’t open it right away because as mentioned before, I was studying!! C’mon People! keep up with the story.
So after a while when I opened it, I was gobsmacked! I was being awarded the very coveted “Liebster Award” by the very lovely Linda Roche of “Beauty La Linda“. You guy might wanna check her out. Continue reading